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what makes Carolyn Kamii Public Relations different?

Our success relies on discipline and procuring ongoing results for our clients.

Carolyn Kamii is the entrepreneur who founded Carolyn Kamii Public Relations, who learned early in life that discipline leads to great success. Her early childhood achievements as a concert violinist were the first demonstration of her unusual ability to focus and compete with other talented individuals.

Similar discipline is what enabled Carolyn to obtain her B.A. at UC Berkeley, M.A. at Syracuse University, and learn four languages. Likewise, while great PR does require innate talent, it's actually the practice of methodical, deliberate consistency which truly makes an agency successful over many years. Carolyn Kamii Public Relations offers you this combination of intuition, instinct, and untiring, enthusiastic persistence in achieving your objectives.

Carolyn Kamii Public Relations works with a team of high-energy creative people, and tailors each campaign to the client’s needs. Ultimately, you will be working with Carolyn herself because every agency decision is made by Carolyn personally.

Please feel free to contact us via e-mail or telephone, and thank-you very much for your consideration.