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Carolyn Kamii
Public Relations

pr • branding • events

Carolyn Kamii
Public Relations


About Us

carolyn kamii public relations specializes in publicity and influencer relations services.

A U.C. Berkeley grad who obtained a M.A. through Syracuse University’s art history program in Italy, Carolyn traveled and worked abroad, before returning to Los Angeles, her home, to pursue publicity. Her career started over 2 decades ago at the J. Paul Getty Trust and continued at premier West Coast boutique publicity agencies specialized in beauty, health, wellness, luxury goods & services, restaurant and hospitality PR.

Since the outset, Carolyn has enjoyed working with highly creative individuals and innovative companies across a range of industries, and always remains open to working with new products in areas she has yet to explore.


our core competencies include:

  1. Traditional PR
  2. Product Outreach
  3. Strategic Planning
  1. Influencer Relations
  2. Sponsorships
  3. Event Planning


our core competencies include:

  1. Traditional PR
  2. Product Outreach
  3. Strategic Planning
  4. Influencer Relations
  5. Sponsorships
  6. Event Planning


media outlets

we work with print, digital, and broadcast media across a range of subjects:

  1. Arts & Culture
  2. Architecture & Design
  3. Business
  4. Calendar & Event
  5. Broadcast
  6. Community News
  7. Ethnic Media (African-American, Latin, Asian, Indian)
  8. Food
  9. Home & Shelter
  1. LGBTQ Media
  2. Luxury Lifestyle
  3. Newspapers (dailies, weeklies, digital)
  4. Consumer Lifestyle Media
  5. Pop Culture
  6. Regional Outlets
  7. Sports
  8. Tech
  9. Travel

client list

home & design

  1. Moore + Friesl
  2. Mass Architecture and Design
  3. Palmpring Organic Coconut Mattress
  4. Sorelle Fine Arts
  5. McRoskey Mattress
  6. Boffi Los Angeles
  7. Modern Living
  8. Giancarlo de Astis

beauty, health & wellness

  1. Le Mieux Cosmetics
  2. Skin Perfecter
  3. Soothe
  4. Nelson j Salon and Nelson j Beverly Hills Haircare
  5. FarmHouse Fresh
  6. FHI Heat
  7. Keck Medicine of USC

family & parenting

  1. Osmo

Case Studies

fhi heat

Carolyn helped transform a small family-owned hair tool company into a prestige international celebrity brand. She executed PR and sales roles, introduced the brand’s products to top salons on both coasts, and developed relationships with key celebrity hairstylists for film, TV and red carpet. In 4 years, FHI Heat grew its distribution to include the U.K., Canada, Australia, Europe, Latin America and South Africa.


Carolyn launched this LA-based startup in 2014, and helped grow it into a global business with services in over 75 locations across 5 countries. Soothe also received $78 million in venture capital funding, and a Customer Service Institute of America award for outstanding customer service.

farmhouse fresh

With Carolyn’s help, FarmHouse Fresh grew from a small, Texas-based beauty brand into an award-winning international leader in the spa industry. Today, it sells hundreds of SKUs at top resorts, destination spas, and hotels, in the U.S., Carribean, Canada and Middle East.


carolyn kamii public relations